The First Page…Keep Exploring

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about,
but the inner music that words make

-Truman Capote

Hello my name is Zoli Bassoff

I am a natural networker, problems solver, event planner and more. My goals range from small local to international ideas. I am more of a generalist which is an amazing skill for a networked to have. I love to talk and relate with others. Because I am a generalist I can connect with people through their passions in life and really enjoy talking about it (well in most cases, there was a detailed conversation about improving electrical efficiency with a PhD.d student it was to much for me.) Even in that case I could go a multitude of directions from the idea of electrical efficient. This is also helpful when working with a project because I can normally understand enough to either help out of if I am over my head to help find a person who does understand.

I am always on the clock even when I am  not actively “working” on a project. It is amazing what one can learn from a random conversation or how the person or people from that random conversation can open up new possibilities. I have my more conventional work time too but I find that the spontaneous work time is where I learn the most and make my best connections. I am always adding information to my network. Being on the clock 24/7 can make amazing things happen.

I have a lot to offer but at the same time I have a lot of limitations. It has been a exciting, terrifying and incredibly frustrating journey as I continue to find ways to use my unconventional skills and “handicaps.”  I have care about making the world a kinder and better place. I am not willing to give up. I would rather lay on my death bed and say I tried and failed than lay on my death bed and say I did not try. I do not want to settle for small change when the world needs more than that. I have my vision, ideas and creativity. Zoli is only one person and I have no right to say my view is right. I want to work together to find out what works best. So I continue on step by step where ever my life my go. I want to and need to find other to work with…So let the life/work continue…

I was working on a story entertainment event business. This site was for that business. In my journey I realize that starting a business by myslef is not the right path. For the time being I will leave up my old content so you can get an idea of who I am and how I think.


Passionate Reality offers a chance to step through a door into your imagination. Come immerse yourself in a world of rich language and immersive imagery. 

Come tell stories, draw pictures, write, move your body, or a bit of each. We offer a chance to be serious, goofy,  collaborate, connect with others and your self. We hold a space to learn, try something new or something you already love. There is no right way or no wrong way to participate, simply your way. 

Passionate Reality has a collection of games, tools and activities. People learn and experience in different ways. We strive to embrace people’s inherent strengths.

Passionate Reality does not offer a performer and audience experience. We provide a guided experience in which each person actively participates. Let us be your guide and off we go!

Passionate Reality works at any venue, including: private or business parties, fairs or festivals, libraries, schools…and more.

Contact us and we can discuss what type of creative experience is right for you.

Yours in imagination and fun,

Passionate Reality

Owner:  Zoli Bassoff

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